Ken Davies 戴維思



2008 OECD Investment Policy Review of China: Encouraging responsible business conduct

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One of the first books to examine China's outward direct investment, focusing on the problems faced by Chinese enterprises in meeting societal expectations for corporate conduct that go beyond legal requirements (i.e. corporate social responsibility, CSR, and sustainability), especially when investing in Africa and, in particular, with regard to environmental and labor standards.

2006 OECD Investment Policy Review of China: Open policies towards mergers and acquisitions

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This study responded to a request I received from the Chinese government to help with their policy of reviving the former industrial base in North East China (Manchuria), where local authorities were seeking foreign investment, often in the form of acquiring and developing local firms. I looked in particular at the problems faced by foreign companies in conducting due diligence and completing acquisitions of Chinese domestic enterprises, recommending improvements in the investment environment to make such transactions easier.

2003 OECD Investment Policy Review of China: Progress and reform challenges

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This first review by the OECD of China's policies towards investment (foreign direct investment, FDI, but also domestic investment) made pathbreaking recommendations which are starting to bear fruit, in particular since the establishment in August 2013 of the Shanghai Pilot Free-Trade Zone, where many of the policies I offered the Chinese government are to be tested before nationwide implementation. The most striking example of this is the move towards abolishing restrictions on inward FDI and replacing them by a simple closed list.

2009 OECD Investment Policy Review of India: Progress and reform challenges

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The first (and so far only) OECD review of India's investment policies, launched in New Delhi in 2009 by Anand Sharma, India's then Minister of Commerce and Industry, and OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría. Written with the assistance of Mimi Otsuka, my then colleague in the OECD's Investment Division.

2004 OECD Investment Policy Review of the Russian Federation: Progress and reform challenges

Although this was the first book with the title of Investment Policy Review, it was actually the second on this subject, the first having been written in 2001 by Eva Thiel, who also co-authored the 2004 Review. Two further Reviews were published in 2006 and 2008.

Working paper

China Investment Policy: An Update (2013)

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After I left the OECD in 2010, I was commissioned to write an update on the three OECD Investment Policy Reviews of China (see above). As well as updating the statistics, I also made use of internal material from China's Department of Commerce (the ministry in charge of investment, as well as trade) to trace the development of disparate policies among China's province-level governments towards overseas investment by enterprises within their jurisdictions.